Florida's Gold Coast, the beaches up and down our coast are some of the most desirable areas for people who want to get out of the cold and retire in Florida. But the coastal areas are becomming way too expensive for the majority of baby boomers, the largest group ever to hit age 60. The good news is, many people are finding "Gold" in Central Florida. So the nearly 60 million Baby Boomers are predicted to flood the Central Florida real estate industry looking for "gold" for those golden years.

Right in the center of the State, nestled amongst the orange groves there is a "Gold Rush" just beginning to take place in the Highlands County. The largest demographic to reach 60 years old "Baby Boomers" are starting to make the move to warmer weather discovering Highlands County. Lets face it, if you’re a baby boomer living up north, you are probably getting sick and tired of shoveling snow, frigid cold, Ice storms and large heating bills. If you have not already looked at Central Florida Real Estate or thought about moving to Florida, you will after you visit www.highlandscountyhomes.com. You will probably be part of the next wave to make the move and retire to sunny warm Florida once you see the amazing home prices and all the beauty of the orange groves and the natural fresh water lakes and wildilfe. You'll still be close to the Ocean, just 1.5 hrs from the East or West Coast beaches, but without paying the price.

The fact is, not everyone who moves to Florida can afford living on the coast where millionaires are the norm and the cost of living with homeowners Insurance, flood insurance and property taxes are out of control. Any real estate on or near any Florida coast or beach is going to be a very expensive place to live compare to Highlands County.

Highlands County is a Duck Dynast for most folks, it's for the masses, good old country living where they can golf or fish every day if they wish. This is a place where the dollar goes a long way and there are never any lines to get a drivers license or a permit pulled. A place where you can live the dream and retire due to the low cost of quality housing.

Baby boomers up north have already starting to make their big migration south to retire in Central Florida. Not to Orlando or the Villages and not to the coast, that's because they it's too expensive to buy a house and own it. The best deals are in Highlands County, the new "Gold Rush" where home prices are still very affordable to the masses.

Just think, nowhere else in Florida can you own a home in a great neighborhood for as low as $60-$100,000. Or a big beautiful home for about $150,000 with granite countertops, a pool, even waterfront or a giant sized ranch home on a lake with orange grove plus a horse stable in the $300,000 range. There are even private gated communities with brand new 3 bedroom, 2 bath Log Cabin Style homes directly on lakefront property starting at $129,900 in a Natural preserve with a Bald Eagle habitat, huge oaks layered in beautiful hanging moss surrounded buy 2 natural lakes, Lake Ruth and Lake Charlotte. Or you can find a foreclosure from $40 and up.

As boomers are already moving to Florida and starting to retire now, the growth is just beginning. Over the next 5 years we may see triple digit growth and a huge increase in demand for housing in Central Florida. Particularly in Highlands County due to it's low cost of living and all the conveniences and charm combining small town friendliness with shopping and entertainment.

One of the other big factors in Highlands County also has a much lower tax base and there is no issue with Flood insurance. The risk of Hurricanes is much lower so homeowners insurance is very low compare to a coastal town. Every winter Highlands County doubles it's population as seasonal snowbirds escape the frigid North's cold and Winter Storms that make it so dangerous to drive or just go to the store.

Highlands County averages 73 degrees all year long and that means plenty of sunshine 80-degree days even in December, January, February and March. It's a small town but you still have all the major features of the big city with a Shopping Mall, Movie Theatres, Bowling and many cultural events.

If you love golf or love fishing Highlands County has 13 Championship Golf Courses and hundreds of lakes, some so big like Lake Istokpoga, the 3rd largest lake in the state which is located five miles northeast of Lake Placid, Highlands Count. This 27,692-acre lake has quality fishing for black crappie (specks) and one of the highest largemouth bass catch rates in the state. The best speck fishing occurs during winter months drifting over open water, particularly in the northeast and southwest corners. Predominant aquatic vegetation includes spadderdock (bonnets), bulrush (buggy whips), cattail, and pondweed (pepper grass). Kissimmee grass on the south end is particularly productive when there is flow into the Istokpoga Canal. This canal, located off County Highway 621, provides excellent largemouth bass fishing from the bank when the gates are open. Arbuckle and Josephine Creek mouths are also good areas when there is flow. The island areas and associated grass can hold bass any time of year and the deepest portion of the lake (10 ft) is in the southwest corner. Public boat ramps are located on the north, northeast, and southwest shorelines off of U.S. Route 98, Lake Boulevard off Cow House Road, and Highland Lake Drive off of County Route 621, respectively. There are also six fish camps/resorts on the lake with various accommodations. Anglers can wade fish off of the Cow House Road boat ramp. 

Highlands County is made up of three municipalities; Sebring, which is the largest of the 3 townships is in the Center of the to smaller towns. Lake Placid just 15 minutes South and Avon Park is just 15 minutes North. Lake Placid has very scenic winding hills and roads with many lakes and wispy solid oak trees with old town moss flowing from every branch. The charm and atmosphere make this the perfect place to have a winter home or retire surrounded by nature and warm weather. Get your Gold in Highlands County before prices go up. For more information on Highlands County Real Estate call Cheryl Oxsalida at Heartland Realty 863-214-3663 or visit www.highlandscountyhomes.com.