Sebring Florida is Highlands County’s most active Real Estate area and is located right between Lake Placid to the South and Avon Park to the North. With its many Nature Parks, good schools, sports programs and low cost of living, plus the central location, Sebring is one of Florida’s "hidden in the orange groves" secrets. Consisting of a population of about 60,000 most of the year, Sebring and Highlands County population can double during the winter months as the snow birds flock here from all over the North and Midwest to bask in year round average temperatures of 75 degrees.

If you are thinking of selling your home, this could be one of the most in demand markets in the country and one of the best times due to lack of inventory in Highlands County. Homes generally sell very fast in Highlands County because it's a place where people can get away from it all but still have all the conveniences. “People are coming here from everywhere” says Cheryl Oxsalida, one of Highlands County’s Best Real Estate agents. “I have sold to buyers from Miami, both the East and the West coast of Florida, from the Northeast, New York and New Jersey but mostly from the Midwest, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, West Virginia, basically everywhere it gets cold, so selling your home fast is not very hard as long as buyers can find your home when searching the internet. As long as it is priced at what the market will bear you can get immediate offers. Cheryl Oxsalida offers her clients a free market analysis. A comprehensive detailed report comparing homes that have sold in the area in the last year, typically a 20-30 page report or more. This helps sellers determine what thay think their home can sell for considering the differences, additions, upgrades or in some cases any repairs needed”.

Top Real Estate Agents like Cheryl Oxsalida spend thousands of dollars a month on national advertising that targets the entire country so anyone looking to buy a home in Highlands County can find her listings when searching on the internet. Newspaper magazine and other advertising gives her exposure to over 10,000 possible buyers every month.

Advertising to find buyers can cost an agent thousands a month. The more a realtor spends advertising, the more buyers they will have calling them looking for homes, condos, mobile homes, large acreage, Lakefront homes, Ranches and or commercial buildings.  Listing on the MLS is an absolute must if you want to sell your home fast. Trying to sell by owner will only reach people who drive by your home. Then, who will write up the contracts and help you through the legal process. Who will negotiate closing costs. can’t get your house on the MLS without using a licensed Real Estate Agent like Cheryl Oxsalida "Realtor®" from Heartland Real Estate a locally owned broker specializing in Highlands County. If you find something you like it’s always best to have a real estate agent make sure it’s still for sale by looking it up on the MLS. If it's not on the MLS chances are in is sold or off the market. The MLS shows the status of the home where as many real estate sites only updated every few weeks so information is late getting there and dated.

Now to sell your home and find a top an agent. First, get an idea of how your house should be priced by shopping other homes on the internet by going to or and looking for homes in the price range and area your home is located in. Check for homes with similar features and square footage. Also when you are looking and comparing, notice the realtors you see on the right. Generally those are the agents you want to hire to list your home with. Those are the agents who are spending thousands of dollars advertising which is who the buyers are calling to get information and to show them houses. For a Free Market Analysis and valuation of your home call Cheryl Oxsalida at 863-214-3663 Heartland Realt Estate.

For more information go to highlands county homes for real-time current active listings and new listings posted every day direct from the professionals resource the MLS. Check here to see if the house you are looking for is still on market or customize a search for the perfect home. Check current finance rates and use a payment estimator to see your monthly payment.