If you are shopping for a home or looking for a local realtor to sell your home it can be very confusing. Some of the websites sell advertising to realtors, which can in some cases make it easier to choose a good realtor if you know where to look and what to look for. So lets say you want to sell your home in Sebring Florida, you may start on the internet by searching “Local Realtor” or Best Realtor in Sebring, or Best Realtor in Lake Placid to find a local realtor with experience in the local market. In Sebring Florida, which is located in Central Florida, you can Google local realtors and you’ll find real estate companies, yellow page services that will list local realtors and other services that charge a fee to the realtor to send you their name and connect you with who they say is one of the best realtors but these services are getting paid to refer the realtor. These referral services are biased and only refer agents who pay them a commission of the sale.

One of the best ways to find the local realtors can be on Google. By searching the terms local realtor or local realtors or local realtor in Sebring or local realtor in Lake Placid the local realtors who have been in the market getting searched will show up in the natural search which is not a paid advertising source. This is naturally in the search to the top of the page, always look underneath the paid ads which are highlighted with a color background. Don't look on the right column as it is all paid advertising, because the search engine is using optimization to find the realtor who gets the most relivant traffic, the most relevant companies and individuals usually are the ones Google positions on the first page and the closer to the top of a search page the better. The big franchises spend a lot on advertising so they are gaining 1st page positions near the top because they generate a lots of web traffic but look for the local real estate company like Heartland Real Estate who has hand selected his agents. Cheryl Oxsalida is one of the top real estate agents with Heartland Real Estate.

Usually if you see a local realtor or a local realtor website owned by a local realtor, not the company, they would make a good choice if they have a website that shows up on the 1st page of your home search. For example, in Sebring Florida and Lake Placid Florida one of the best web sites is run by a local realtor, Cheryl Oxsalida with Heartland Real Estate which is a local broker who helped develop some of Sebring’s most desired communities like Golf Hammock. Cheryl has focused her efforts on getting referrals and getting real testimonials on web sites like Trulia.com and Zillow.com. If you search the top real esate sites like Trulia and Zillow you will see Cheryl on almost every search. Cheryl has committed herself to work 7 days a week for the convenience of the customer. Many people can only look or meet on weekends and after work. Cheryl Oxsalida goes out of her way to help her clients, going to inspections and helping with special requirements like testing the well water, above and beyond what the job requirements call for to make it convenient as possible for the buyers and sellers, which is why she is referred by her clients and getting real testimonials. Cheryl’s website is also why customers are finding her. Cheryl has a real time web site www.highlandscountyhomes.com which is fed directly from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) which is used by all the realtors just for professionals to serve their clients. The website is more accurate than Trulia.com and more accurate than Zillow.com or Realtor.com because it is direct from the originating source where homes are listed for sale by all the realtors who subscribe so they have real time services.

In Highlands County which is Sebring, Avon Park and Lake Placid there is only a hand full of top realtors who are consistently their for their clients day or night. If you want to see who is doing the most you can just go to Trulia.com or Zillow.com and do a search, choose a home to look at and see who the agents are that show up for you to contact. The sites rate the realtors and have reviews from real customers that is out of the control of the realtor. Customers must do this without any input from the realtor. These agents that are the movers and the shakers in the area are spending the most on advertising and have a constant flow of clients looking to buy and sell. If you are selling or buying this is good for you. They are the ones out showing homes, they know the market, they know most of the homes because they have shown them and can quickly find you what you are looking for in most cases. The dedicated ones like Cheryl Oxsalida will work extra hard for you. Call her direct on her cell phone at 863-214-3663 or go to www.highlandscountyhomes.com for more information.